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Confronting people 101

Why is my husband afraid to confront people. He can't expect us to sit back and let others walk all over us. Its not right! I wish he would be firm in his beliefs and convictions.


The barking is killing me and I wanted to take a stand.. how can I do that? Ive called animal control, my husband has called animal control.. what is next??

Where are the signs that I am supposed to be seeing to help me find my way through life? Maybe its like a vowel and I can buy it.. Maybe I buy a sign of hope please? le sigh!

I think since Ive hit the quarter life crisis I am wanting to stand up to people and not take crap. I dont think my husband got the memo and he is still behind. Like the commerical where the MOB DANCE was moved by 30 mins and the guys cell was delayed in relaying the message. Maybe he hasnt gotten the memo?! Either way I try to talk to him but it never works. I long for a man for stands up!

28 going on ?

Ive turned 28 and I am having a quarter life crisis. I think its time to make a bucket list and make some drastic changes.

1. Job environment is very toxic. I hate the Doctor I am working for. The staff has all pretty much quit. I am working hard but not appreciated.
2. Business is in transition, unsure if I want to merge the co. or keep it as is.
3. Bed bug issues seems on the mend but I cant let my guard down too much.
4. Fertility treatment is on a stand still due to stress and funds.

where is the karma coming from?

i guess i have a hit on the bad luck this week.. damn!

i hate having this happen to me. im trying to overcome it but it fucking sux. everything that can prevent my happiness keeps happening. i gotta take things into my own hand.

hardcore fighing bad karma/luck!

it def. feels good to let things out. ::LOUD SIGH::

i am in a state of not caring.. its beautiful.

anybody there

I am just going to say things of how I am feeling. I am not going to tell a story at all.

i hate you.

you always lie.

you fucking suck.

you both manipulate people. i dont care about you and the baby. you get attention for nothing! you suck. why are you so much better than me when you do NOTHING and your LAZY and use people. you havent changed.. neiter of you have changed. my heart races and me hands shake when you two upset me. fuck you! dont ask me for shit ever! go fuck yourselves. go suck her dry like you always do. and you go do whatever she tells u to do u robotic idiot. you dont care about me EVER. you never have. I am not a fucking punching bag IM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! family is never here for you, ever! i am 26 and its still the same bull shit i deal with and i am in therapy because of it.

saying all this feels a little better.

i wont cry or hurt myself over this shit. i will type it down and be done with it.


I am no longer going to search for the good in the dark, if you are good the light will shine. period.


Should I be upset that my "smart" husband forgot to tell me he is low on gas while driving to Northborough for more training. And that he forgot that he doesnt have a debit card cuz it's being mailed to him due to fraud. So therefore doesnt have enough gas to get home. WTF He wants me to call him when I get out of work at 8pm to see how far he gets on his tank of gas then meet him down 495 to help him get gas.

When I suggested he ask a co-worker for some cash til tomorrow he was offended and was quick to say "you mean your my wife and you wont help me". WOAH!!!! my title as a wife, girlfriend, fiance.. whatever it is doesnt entitle me to do anything! Period. I hate those labels so much. I dont use that "your my husband" as a threat to get something. No fucking way dude. That is not how shit works. This is why I waited to get married, because things should not change at all.

So no, I am not mad at him for forgetting about gas money. I am pissed at him for using the title "wife" as a weapon to guilt me. WTF

Shit will go down tonight, mark my words.
My Joe starts his training today at a new job!!! Its been 4 months and I am so thankful and hopeful! Lets hope this new year and filled with happiness and tranquility.

I work 10-2 cleaning the back room... wishing I could just plan weddings and be merry.

reasons why i _________

i dont want to be ignored in a conversation.. i want my turn to talk.

dont "yes your right" me to death to get out of talking about something important. When you do that it leads to me feeling ignored, not important and beneath you.

I count too! I am important too!

dont make ur own assumptions of the kind of person i am. You DONT know me so stop judging me. I come to work to work, not to be ostresized and picked upon. Do your job so that I can do mine.


anger builds up inside of me to a point where the talking in my head makes me want to expode. i want to expode by _________ and screaming its not healthy.


confession: i havent cut in 3 years and it gets hard sometimes but I have to remember to be strong. I am stronger then this. I can fight you.


(reasons why I cut myself.)